Word of Life Worship Team

  • The worship team at Word of Life is a group of passionate musicians and worshipers who long to glorify God and draw people into His presence.
  • The mission of the worship team is to serve our church and to allow people to experience God in a way that brings transformation and growth.
  • The worship team has over twenty members who span the generations and the nations. Many of our worship team are under the age of 18.
  • Interested in getting involved? Talk to the worship directors today!

Worship Directors

The team is led by Anton and Ali Giusti who are committed to drawing people
into the presence of God and releasing them to worship God with everything
they are. They are also passionate about training and raising up young
musicians to be skilful worshipers and leaders.Anton and Ali also oversee Word of Life Music

Worship School

Word of Life Worship School encourages musicians and worshipers to live a lifestyle of worship in all they do and to walk in the fulness of all God has called them to be. The Worship School enables students to study fundamentals of praise and worship, learn instruments, develop their skills and sensitivity as part of a worship team, develop leadership skills and much, much more.